The sun is finally starting to come out – the days are getting longer – and we’re teaming up with our favourite berry farm again. Some of you may remember our Strawberry Danish from last year, but this year we left it to our Head Pastry Chef, Bryar, to come up with a new creation. Available in stores today, our new Kane’s Strawberry and Cream Donut is an absolutely delectable treat. Last week, we took another visit to the thriving family-run farm just off Kaipaki road to see how they’re getting along so far this season.

Kane's Berry Farm in Kaipaki, Waikato

Holding a Kane's giant Strawberry

A change is as good as a holiday

Established over 20 years ago by Grant and Heather, Kane’s Strawberries have an almost cult-like following throughout the Waikato and further afield. The lines coming from their Farmers Market stand are testament to that, as are the steady flow of cars coming and going from the farm store. Earlier this year in March, the farm operations were taken over by Emma Kane (daughter to Grant and Heather) and her partner Hayden. So, while much of the farm remains the same as when we visited last year, we were excited to hear how things have changed since Grant and Heather handed over the reins.
Emma Kane and Bryar, Volare's head pastry chef, showing off the new Strawberry and Cream Donut
Emma told us that, while her and Hayden are taking over the day-to-day running of things and trying to let her parents enjoy their retirement, they remain involved. So you’ll still see Heather at the Cambridge and Hamilton Farmers Markets and both Grant and Heather around the shop and farm.
Putting stickers on Kane's Strawberry punnets

How things are going so far

Emma told us that the season got off to a rocky start with a polar blast on October 7th – which coated the Waikato in a thick frost – paired with the wettest winter on record for some time. But as the days become more summery, the berries appear to be thriving, and you can still pick up a punnet of their famous jumbo berries which taste like sunshine with every bite.
Bryan holding two of our new Kane's Strawberry and Cream Donuts
Emma assured us that their processes remain the same as when Heather and Grant were running things and that they still strive to produce top-quality, beautiful, sweet strawberries that all of their customer know and love. The Kane’s Strawberry shop – located on the farm – is already open from Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm and on Saturday & Sunday from 8.30am-4pm and they hope it will stay open until mid-January at least.
So make sure to stop by and support them this season, or pop into your nearest Volare store to try our new Strawberry Donut – made with our famous Sugared Donut and filled with marbled Strawberry Compote and Crème Diplomat, topped with a fresh Kane’s Strawberry.
Volare head pastry chef holding Kane's Strawberry Donut